About Us


OSBYOS is a bespoke tailoring brand that upholds the finest tailoring traditions,following some of the best practices around the world in custom menswear. After having worked with some of the biggest names in bespoke menswear like Tom Ford and Ermenegildo Zegna for over a decade, the founder, Owais Shaikh – also the winner of GQ Magazine’s Best Dressed Men Award in 2015 – decided to use his experience to foster his own vision through OSBYOS.

With every commissioned outfit, OSBYOS believes in giving the client an opportunity to look and feel amazing. Each garment is created with incredible care, using techniques that are meticulously researched. OSBYOS has had the opportunity to dress some of the biggest names in India including Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar, and Virat Kohli, on multiple occasions. Perhaps, the next one could be you!



Like the curiosity and inquisitiveness that drives a child, there was a constant search for knowledge about how a well-fitted suit is made and what goes into creating a sharp look in our founder. He began the journey by first deconstructing the suit and technically studying its various aspects. After mastering the classic suit, he moved towards experimenting – not only with the physical parts of a suit but also with hundreds of other steps that go into creating the suit to come up with innumerable permutations and combinations of putting things together in a particular way.

OSBYOS was born in 2015 with the quest to find the best Shirt, Trouser, and Suit. Having meticulously mastered every aspect, OSBYOS offers only the best when it comes to Luxury Bespoke Menswear in India.



Every outfit that OSBYOS develops is handcrafted with a lot of care and diligence using only 100% natural materials to make it unique for the person who has commissioned it. OSBYOS does not use the fused or glued interlining technique, which came into being as a mass production technique after World War II for its jackets and suits.

Our process of jacket-making is inspired from the pre-War era of Natural Horse/Camel Hair Interlining, commonly known as the Floating Canvas construction of jackets. For the jacket, hundreds of stitches are executed by hand across the chest piece to make sure that the roll of the lapel is natural and not artificial. The shoulder pads are assiduously picked to be extremely lightweight and naturally sloping. The ergonomics of our trouser provide maximum comfort through every movement and naturally shape the waist.



Keeping the aesthetic of the 1950s and 1960s of broad lapels and high-waist trousers in mind, OSBYOS believes in keeping things clean and simple to deliver utmost comfort while staying true to the philosophy of the suit.

Every garment is tested in such a way that it would be on trend ten years ago or ten years hence, making the collection timeless. Each outfit is meant to last longer; it is an investment that isn’t just for the moment, but one that you can create countless memories with.